Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Rocket League’s New Update

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Rocket League’s New Update

Psyonix details Rocket's Leagues upcoming Zephyr Update, a content patch that will bring new crates and bug fixes to the game next week.

Now that the World Cup is finally over, we can shift our focus back to Rocket League, Psyonix’s fast-paced automotive take on soccer. While we won’t see any World Cup action for the next four years, Psyonix announced a new update for Rocket League that will be arriving sometime next week.

The new update, referred to as the Zephyr Update by Psyonix, contains a new crate, bug fixes, and minor adjustments to the game’s performance. The crown jewel of the update is the Cyclone Battle-Car, a flashy new hot rod that comes with brand new Engine Audio and Common Decals. Veteran Rocket League players won’t have to spend too much time getting used to the Cyclone as the car’s hitbox is similar to the already popular Breakout vehicle.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a Rocket League update without new crates. Outside of the Cyclone, Psyonix hasn’t gone into detail about the new items that will appear in the Zephyr Crates, however, one could safely assume that the usual Rocket League wares will make an appearance.

Following this summer’s Salty Shores update, as well as Rocket League’s in-game birthday party, the Zephyr Update serves a reminder that Psyonix has no signs of slowing down Rocket League support anytime soon. With the game’s upcoming Rocket Pass and overhauled progression system still slated to release next month, Rocket League fans will have plenty of reasons to keep their foot on the gas for the whole summer.