Rocket League’s Spring Feature Update Includes Tournaments and More

Rocket League’s Spring Feature Update Includes Tournaments and More

With a quality-of-life set of improvements and even a possible new Battle-Car, the Rocket League Tournaments Update comes on April 3.

Developer Psyonix revealed their plans for the Rocket League Spring Feature Update, coming on April 3, 2018 to all platforms.

Tournaments are one of the highlights for this upcoming download, along with a few quality of life improvements like an update to garage options and audio. Players can now choose to “Equip to Blue” or “Equip to Orange” for painted car bodies, and more shades can now be used in the Battle-Car primary color palette.

The Tournaments update allows players to create tournaments without leaving the game they are in. The Nintendo Switch will be receiving some performance and visual quality updates for its version of Rocket League. The Samurai Battle-Car is also a limited-drop from the brand new Triumph Crate.

Audio improvements have been made through tweaking the crowd audio while goals, saves, and important plays are happening. The game’s soundtrack will have the ability to play while in online and offline matches as well. Notification icons have been added to signal online connection problems during online battles for troubleshooting assistance.

Rocket League is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Want to know more about the new update? Then take an inside look on the new Tournaments trailer below, or check out the official Rocket League website: