Rockstar Cracking Down on GTA Online Hackers and Illegitmate Money

Rockstar Cracking Down on GTA Online Hackers and Illegitmate Money

Rockstar Games has had enough of hackers who have added funds to their virtual wallet via various mods and hacks in GTA Online. And so today, the developer announced what it plans to do to remedy this problem.

An update on its support page reads:

“To keep the gameplay environment fair we have removed illegitimately gained in-game money from player accounts. If you received an alert saying that your shared bank balance was adjusted, that is because you had illegitimate funds in your account.”

In the following paragraph, Rockstar assures that any GTA$ purchased via Shark Cards will remain on the account and are not affected by the removal of illegitimately gained in-game money.

To accompany the support page update, Rockstar also updated its suspension and ban policy:

“GTA Online suspensions are triggered by a number of factors, including modding in GTA Online, exploiting or abusing game mechanics, manipulating protected game data and code, or interfering with other players’ gameplay experience. Suspensions from GTA Online due to these reasons may be temporary suspensions or permanent bans depending on the severity of the infraction.  If you receive a temporary suspension from GTA Online, the next infraction will result in a permanent ban. If you are temporarily suspended from GTA Online, you will not be able to access GTA Online from the moment you are suspended. Your suspension expiration date is shown on the splash screen after being returned to Story Mode following an attempt to play GTA Online.

In addition, your GTA Online character(s) will be reset. All GTA Online progress, property and inventory will be reset. All GTA Online suspension and banning decisions are final and may not be appealed.”

And boom goes the dynamite.