Rockstar Games Has a Winner

on January 8, 2010 4:36 PM

After polling the public and the offices of Rockstar, a winner was chosen for the 2009 Beaterator and MySpace Records Challenge. Leeni, with her song “Night Courtship” managed to make it into the final round where only 26 songs had been selected to face off.  All of the entrants were allowed to enter one original song of their own and one  Beaterator PSP produced song. The votes were based off the Beaterator produced songs and that ended up with Leeni grabbing the $5,000 dollar cash prize.

Personally, I think the honorable mention “My Corazon” by SuperROOT was a better song and more enjoyable than “Night Courtship” but the world has spoken. You can check out all the songs at the link below

[Winning Songs from Contest]

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