Rockstar Games is Hiring for Variety of Roles to Work on a New Open World Game

Rockstar Games is Hiring for Variety of Roles to Work on a New Open World Game

Rockstar is said to be looking for employees to help work on a new open world title, with a new Grand Theft Auto game seeming the most likely.

Prior to the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett next year, it seems as though Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption developer Rockstar Games is looking to beef up its current staff.

Over on Rockstar’s website, a variety of new jobs just appeared for the studio’s office in the UK known as Rockstar North. Over thirty positions are currently being hired for and include roles such as artists, animators, and programmers. What’s all the more interesting about these jobs, however, is what they seem to point to.

Seen in the Animation Systems Programmer position summary, Rockstar says it is looking for help “in developing advanced animation systems for large open world character-based games.” This clearly seems to convey that Rockstar is once again at work on an open world game, which isn’t a huge surprise considering the developer’s past work. That said, it does seem to potentially verify what many have already expected would be next from Rockstar: a new Grand Theft Auto title.

While none of the job listings on Rockstar’s site specifically mention a new GTA game, it stands to reason that this would be what the lauded developer is cooking up. Following the overwhelming success of Grand Theft Auto V, it’s safe to assume that the sixth numbered installment in the series is surely on the way. Even if what Rockstar is hiring for here isn’t specifically related to Grand Theft Auto, a new installment in the series seems very likely to arrive at some point during the next generation of consoles.

Considering how long Rockstar tends to remain quiet before revealing its new projects though, it might be quite awhile until we end up hearing for certain what the developer is working on right now. Still, whenever they reveal what this new project is, there will surely be a lot to be excited about.