Rockstar New England Possibly Working on Next-Generation Version of Famous IP

on October 21, 2013 10:57 AM

A recent report has uncovered what could be the admission that Rockstar is already working on something new. What it is, is a mystery, and it is unclear if this untitled project is even a next-generation intellectual property. The source in question is an employee of Rockstar New England, who wrote on their LinkedIn profile that they are working on the, “next version of a famous IP.”

Rockstar New England was originally known for a time as Mad Doc Software, and developed games such as Star Trek: Armada II, Star Trek Legacy, and the Empire Earth series. Since their acquisition by Rockstar, New Englad has not developed a title of their own, but instead have assisted on titles such as Bully: Scholarship Edition, Max Payne 3, and Grand Theft Auto V.

This could also seemingly rule out Agent, a title of which the principal developer is Rockstar North. However, it depends if whether or not Rockstar New England is the lead developer on this unannounced title. The next major gaming convention will be PAX East 2014, otherwise it may not be until June of next year, at E3 2014, when we will get the announcement of Rockstar’s next game, though the company has made a habit of announcing things in their own time.

In the meantime, you can check out my opinion as where Rockstar could and should go following Grand Theft Auto V’s release, here.

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