Rockstar Pimping Out the Green for L.A. Noire

Rockstar is rolling out the dough for their latest IP, L.A. Noire. This crime-solving, detective story is less than a week away from being enjoyed by all you crazed gamers. However, Rockstar wants to make you drown in your own drool until then. They’re “spending big” on advertising for L.A. Noire by the TV, internet ads, print media, and a poster crusade. Not to mention the hope that Noire is “the blockbuster entertainment event for 2011, and another groundbreaking and exciting release.” CHA-CHING!

The TV commercials began this week and I’m sure a lot of individuals saw the two minute long ad during Comedy Central’s latest South Park. It’s also reported that the Sky Movies Crime and Thriller channel will be bombarded by the advertising and that seems quite fitting. This push on the bewb tube “will reach some five million males” or at least Rockstar hopes. Expect to see internet ads all over the place and not limited to Google, Youtube, Sky Sports, MSN, IGN, GameSpot, and more.

What’s more is the good ol’ newspaper will be getting the green moola treatment. I doubt anyone reads the black and white media anymore but The Guardian and The Times will see L.A. Noire pimped out on their pages. To top it all off London will see posters of Noire all over the city and “underground” for three weeks. Rockstar failed to mention how much all this would cost but that’s part of the mystery I suppose. Another mystery is L.A. Noire’s success regardless of this advertising…I guess we’ll never know!


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