Rockstar Releases Local Justice Map Previews

on July 2, 2012 8:16 PM

Rockstar today released highly detailed images of the upcoming maps in the “Local Justice” DLC, due to hit Xbox Live and PSN tomorrow. The preview images detail each map’s layout; providing an overhead view that features various sight lines, sniping locations, ideal camp spots, and other strategic points of interest. Players interested in getting the drop on their enemies can head over to the Rockstar Blog for logistical details.

Featured in the DLC pack will be the Imperial Palace, a close-combat oriented map with lots of places to sneak up on enemies and take out people who fail to keep up with the fast paced action.  Next up is the 55th Battallion headquarters, the notable location of the São Paulo Special Forces, filled with plenty of cramped areas, bulletproof glass and choke points to shoot one’s way out of. Lastly, the Departure Lounge features a lot of obstructed views and cover to help players get the sneak on each other. The local justice pack will have a launch week discount, dropping the price to the equivalent of $6.00, so players should jump on it quick.

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