Rockstar’s PS3 Exclusive Agent’s Alleged Cancellation Clarified (More or Less) By GameFly

Rockstar’s PS3 Exclusive Agent’s Alleged Cancellation Clarified (More or Less) By GameFly

A few days ago we reported that GameFly started sending e-mail messages to those that had Rockstar’s PS3 exclusive cold war stealth action game Agent in their wishlist, warning about the removal of the game due to a cancellation by the publisher.

We reached out to the retailer for a clarification, asking if the information really came from Take-Two. Today we received the following answer from a GameFly representative:

Thank you for contacting GameFly. We apologize if the message was unclear. Please understand the automated email is sent in regards to all games being pulled form the GameFly website and may not be the exact reason why the game is being pulled from the GameFly website. At this time we are able to confirm the game will not be carried as a rental for the PlayStation 3 Console.

While the message does not specify whether GameFly received any information directly from Take-Two, it does clarify that the message is an automated mail and that the actual reason may not be a cancellation from the publisher.

This means that we’re back to square one, and Agent may still be coming even if GameFly does not plan to offer it as a rental for PS3. We’ll have to wait and see if the rumored retooling of the game for PS4 will actually happen as a PS3 release nowadays is definitely unlikely.

In the meanwhile Take-Two Interactive requested and obtained on May 23rd an extension to the deadline for the submission of the statement of use required to keep the “Agent” trademark alive, effectively expressing the intention to actually use it. That could definitely be seen as a further indication that the game may still be coming.

We didn’t yet receive any statement on the issue from Take-Two Interactive, but we’ll keep you posted if anything new surfaces.