Rogue Legacy 2 Officially Announced by Cellar Door Games

Rogue Legacy 2 is formally announced by developer Cellar Door Games. Details are light, but the team did share a few screenshots showing off the new art style.

By Ricky Frech

April 2, 2020

Yesterday, Cellar Door Games put out a new teaser image for Rogue Legacy 2 that featured the #April2nd. Many (including yours truly) were very worried that this might be some sort of cruel April Fool’s Day joke. However, those concerns proved unfounded today as the team formally announced their follow-up to the hit rogue-lite. Of course, this just being a teaser, details are still light. That said, the short video Cellar Door shared was enough to get the internet’s hype machine in gear. Give it a look below.

Obviously, there’s really nothing to go from in the video. All we know at this stage is that Rogue Legacy 2 is officially happening. We don’t know when. We don’t what platforms it’s coming to. However, the team did share a few work-in-progress screenshots. These show the new art style and a tiny glance at hero abilities. That being said, just knowing Rogue Legacy 2 is coming is welcome news. Especially with some of the other news coming out today.

When Rogue Legacy launched in 2013, it was an immediate hit. The way the game melds fun platforming, nifty rogue-lite elements, and a quirky trait system that gave you a new hero after each death felt like a breath of fresh air. Cellar Door Games followed it up with the less successful Full Metal Furies. It had some interesting ideas, but, for whatever reason, didn’t blow up like Rogue Legacy did before it. If any game can bring the studio back into the limelight, it’s Rogue Legacy 2.

As mentioned above, we have next to zero details about Rogue Legacy 2. That said, when more info becomes available, we’ll have it all here on DualShockers. Until then, please excuse me while I go play through Rogue Legacy for the fifth time.

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