Rogue Legacy Developer Announces Full Metal Furies for Xbox One and PC

Rogue Legacy Developer Announces Full Metal Furies for Xbox One and PC

Today, Toronto-based developer best known for Rogue Legacy, Cellar Door Games announced its new team-based brawler, Full Metal Furies, for Xbox One and PC.

In Full Metal Furies, an extended war of succession amongst the tyrannical Titans has brought the world on the brink of extinction.  After a brief respite another one is on the horizon, and the Furies must stop it at all costs.

Here’s a rundown of some of the game’s features:

Local and Online Multiplayer for 1 – 4 Players

In multiplayer, everyone picks one hero and you must work together to save the world. Combine your asymmetrical skills to kick some symmetrical butt.

Swap in Solo

“Pick two” characters in single player. Quick-switch between the two during play, and become an unstoppable force unto yourself. Create a party to shore up weaknesses or double down on your strengths. When one partner falls, the other still remains, so have fun reviving yourself!


Succeed together or fail together. Special barriers protect enemies from specific damage, and you must communicate with your team to focus the right targets. These barriers remain even after a player falls, so be prepared to revive your allies.

A New Kind of Enemy

Encounter dozens of unique enemies ranging from charging Minitaurs, to leaping Lycaon, to artillery-striking Artillerists and more. In FMF, nowhere is safe. Attacks come from any angle and at any range, so be prepared and stay on your toes.

RPG Mechanics

Gain gold and level your party up! Make up for your inadequacies with grinding!


Find blueprints hidden throughout the world and deck your doods out.

Turn the Engineer into a machine-gun firing banshee. Or turn the Tank into an area-clearing shouting banshee. Or have the Hammer become a super-speed spinning banshee!

No More Edge Fighting

Dynamic cameras, custom arena logic, and rebounding ensures the fighting always stays on-screen. What does that picture have to do with this description? Nothing. Can’t take a photo of something that doesn’t happen! Eyyyyy!

Secret Puzzles

Explore the vast world and discover ancient symbols and secrets. Discern their meaning or wallow in ignorance!

In a FAQ section on the developer’s website, Cellar Door Games also revealed that current estimates of the game put it at 15-20 hours long. In regards to game difficulty, the section says the game is definitely hard, specifically about as challenging as Rogue Legacy, but more forgiving because your gold isn’t taken away when you die. To this point, like Rogue Legacy, there’s a very high skill ceiling for this game, and the RPG mechanics of the game allow people of varying skill levels beat the game.  If you’re really good, you can even beat it at level 1.

Full Metal Furies is set to release sometime this year, 2017. Below, you can check out the announcement trailer: