Rogue Moon Update for Prey: Mooncrash Introduces New Operator Skins

Prey: Mooncrash has received a free updated today introducing new operator skins that pay tribute to developer Arkane Studio’s favorite roguelikes. Fitting the theme of Mooncrash, a roguelike itself that sees players restarting a run after death instead of simply being placed back at a checkpoint, these Operator skins show off images from indie roguelikes.

Roguelikes included in this patch are:

  • Spelunky
  • Rogue Legacy
  • Darkest Dungeon
  • Risk of Rain
  • Dead Cells
  • Don’t Starve

A previous free update released in July containing new skins for some weapons, operators, and mimics. The Typhon Hunter multiplayer update that allows up to five players to hunt each other on the moon base is still set to release sometime in the near future.

Prey: Mooncrash is a standalone expansion to 2017’s Prey from Arkane Studio. Taking the familiar setting of a space station and setting it on the moon, Mooncrash features randomization of both the layout of the map and the contents within for each run. You can play as and unlock different characters, each with a preset ability list. On Transtar’s moon base you must utilize each characers unique skills to survive and discover what occurred on the base.

You can watch the Rogue Moon update trailer below, as well as read through our review of Mooncrash.

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