Rogue Raiders Online Hopes to Land on Vita via Kickstarter

Rogue Raiders Online Hopes to Land on Vita via Kickstarter

A kickstarter started by Dangerous Alone recently popped up for an exclusive PS Vita title. Rogue Raiders Online focuses mainly on cooperative exploration within a sci-fi RPG world.

The mantra of the game is ‘there is no galaxy to save but a rent to pay.’ You will have a chance to build their own characters from various alien races and then travel to a hub world to find other players.

From there you’ll be able to take on missions like scavenging gear or searching for marooned survivors. But there will be quests where one of your crewmates might have a ‘rogue objective’ that goes against the rest of the team: trust no one.

Dangerous Alone is looking for €33,000 (about $36,000 USD) and is off to a strong start. While €20 (about $22 USD) gets you a digital copy of the game, a physical copy is currently on the ‘wishlist’. Christina Martin, the one and only developer of the game, had this to say:

‘If the game gets funded I think there are good chances of getting at least a small batch of physical copies and I will tell backers in case someone wants to switch the digital for a physical.’

The game looks like it’s pretty far along in development and it seems to have enough interesting elements to look promising. Although its a one person team, Christina developed a number of Vita titles in the past. If you want to support her final ‘lover letter’ to the Vita you have until 9:59am EDT on November 23rd to do so.