Low Poly Shooter Rogue Seas Hits Steam Greenlight with a New Teaser Trailer

Low Poly Shooter Rogue Seas Hits Steam Greenlight with a New Teaser Trailer

An indie developer announces that its low poly shooter title Rogue Seas is now on Steam Greenlight. The new trailer shows off the hectic-looking gameplay.

Today, Brazilian indie game developer Jordy Adan Souza Alves announced that he and a college friend have set sail on the high seas of Steam Greenlight with their low poly shooter title Rogue Seas. In honor of this milestone, the team released a brand new trailer.

Rogue Seas takes players on an adventure to find an evil pirate crew that attacked the main character’s village. Along the way, players will encounter dangerous sea monsters, pirates, lost relics, other villages, loot, and more.

In the development team’s announcement, they explain that ships are able to be customized from their array of weapons, to the ships’ sails and even the hull. Even with the preparation of these upgrades, combat will be based on the player’s skill in this randomly generated world. The developer adds that the following will also be included in the game.

  • Manage your crew, find them better equipment and level them up to unlock new perks. Each crew member has an occupation that helps somehow.
  • Discover towns. Help their citizens, hire new crew members, shop, listen to rumors and make much needed repairs.
  • Upgrade your hometown with permanent upgrades as you progress through your adventures.

Rogue Seas is on Steam Greenlight right now, so check it out for more information.