Roller Champions Game from Ubisoft Reportedly Leaked Prior to E3 2019

A roller derby-style game from Ubisoft called "Roller Champions" was said to be leaked, according to a ResetEra post.

One of the surest signs that E3 is upon us are the leaks that preface the actual event. If a post on the ResetEra forums is anything to go by, one of the biggest ones for this year is coming from Ubisoft. According to the leak, the French game publisher will unveil a game called Roller Champions, featuring roller derby-inspired gameplay and a cartoon aesthetic. Spiel Times also provided a number of details from unnamed sources.

In what looks like to be a combination of Rocket League, Fortnite, and ARMS, Roller Champions looks to be a multiplayer experience that has players rollerskating around a track. A short video shows off some environments, including a beach level and an indoor “Mexico Arena” level. While proper gameplay was not leaked, a very official-looking piece of art has five rollerblading characters, all with different gear and clothes, one holding a ball.

According to the ResetEra leak, the game will have two aiming modes called “Price” and “Flick,” and it is implied that precision will be key to score during matches. According to a leaked menu screen, Roller Champions will contain leaderboards and customization options, with ranked and custom matches available to play online—the game is said to be multiplayer-only. With plenty of customization options likely, one can assume that this game will have some form of microtransaction system and store.

This game is said to release for the PC, with Polygon citing unconfirmed reports of releases for the Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Reports also state that Roller Champions will run on the Unity engine, though it is not currently known who is actually developing the game. From the limited number of assets available, the look of the game doesn’t look particularly inspiring, but we’d have to wait and see how the game plays before final judgment.

We could very well get our chance if Ubisoft announces this game at E3 2019, with their press event taking place on Monday, June 10. It could very well be one of three AAA games that Ubisoft has in store, one perhaps being Ghost Recon Breakpoint, but another definitely not being a new Splinter Cell.

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