Rolling Around For Katamari Forever

One of my favorite drugged-up  games is back for the PS3, and I could not wait to play the demo. Katamari Forever is the first Ps3 game of its kind, rolling a ball around, picking up random stuff to make the ball bigger for a piece of the King’s constellation. Oh yes, it takes a team really high off their socks to come up with a game like that. It reminds me of the group who created Harvest Moon; who wants to farm on a video game?

To me, I really enjoy playing these games. They are fun, comical, and easy to play, and no it’s not the drugs talking. There are many presents and characters for you to find and use in the world. Can’t wait to try the multiplayer mode. If you never had a PS2, where Katamari first was developed, definitely try this game out. You’ll feel as though you paid some drug dealer 70 bucks worth of his finest, and it will be worth every single sniff.

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Brendan Ecock

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