Romeo and Juliet: Run Run! an Endless Runner That Only Ends in Tragedy

Will there be a happy ending for Romeo and Juliet this time around? Probably not.

on February 13, 2017 9:08 PM

Releasing just in time for Valentine’s Day is a mobile endless runner about star-crossed lovers who just can’t get away from their feuding families.

Romeo and Juliet: Run Run! is the newest game by developer Adumsoft. It’s a game that finds itself set strongly in the “endless runner” genre and focuses on the titular characters of William Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy about young love.

In Romeo and Juliet: Run Run! players will control both characters as they find themselves in locales set across the Italian countryside. The game’s goal is to make the two lovers meet for a brief tryst before they must carry along. However, danger looms around every edge. How far will they get before they meet their fated end?

Adumsoft prides the game on its “intuitive and hectic gameplay” and its retro graphics and music. The game can be played with one or two players controlling each character, making it the perfect download for a day steeped in love and tragedy. Additional Shakespearean couples are also unlockable, so be sure to get them all when the game releases on Android February 14. An iOS version is promised to follow shortly.

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