Romero Games Partners with Paradox Interactive on Strategy Game

Romero Games and Paradox Interactive announce partnership for a new strategy game based on an original IP.

John Romero (of DOOM, Wolfenstein 3D, and Quake fame) and his Romero Games studio are partnering with Paradox Interactive to make a new strategy game based on an original IP. It’s an interesting move given Romero’s legendary status as one of the father’s of the FPS, but he’s certainly partnered with the right studio for a strategy title.

Paradox has been publishing strategy titles since 1997. Its catalog includes hits like Cities: Skylines, Crusader Kings II, Stellaris, and last year’s Battletech. There really aren’t many other studios you’d want to partner with for your first strategy title.

As mentioned, Romero Games has quite the pedigree behind its founders. John Romero and his wife Brenda Romero (Jagged Alliance and Wizardry 8) have both been successful in the industry for decades. That said, their new studio is still unproven. Romero Games has only released a few small mobile titles and the SIGIL megawad for DOOM.

It will be interesting to see what John Romero does in the strategy genre. Obviously, his biggest hits have come in the FPS world, so this is new territory for him and his team. Can he have success outside of the genre he helped pioneer?

The big positive for Romero Games is Brenda Romero’s experience writing for fantasy games like Wizardry 8 and Jagged Alliance 2. Her experience in the field should help the team craft a compelling story, at the very least.

This partnership looks a little strange on the surface, given Romero’s history. We’ll know if they can make it work when Romero Games and Paradox Interactive announce more details.

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