Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick Launch Kickstarter for New Adventure Game Thimbleweed Park

on November 18, 2014 8:10 PM

Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick are back together again and working on a brand new point and click adventure game to bring to nostalgic LucasArts adventure game fans everywhere. The duo is best known for their work creating Maniac Mansion back in 1987 that essentially created the genre we’ve come to know and love, following up the game’s success with the infamous The Secrets of Money Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. Essentially, these two guys know how to make adventure games and they want you to help them make their next one.

The duo of developers have launched a Kickstarter today for Thimbleweed Park, a story that jumps between five playable characters to unravel the bizarre story behind the world they inhabit. In the game, two washed up detectives are called in to investigate a dead body that has been found in the river just outside of the town of Thimbleweed Park, while other characters like Delores and her siblings deal with her rich uncles will and a clown named Ransome is cursed with the inability to to remove his make-up. It’s wacky tale woven together by the concepts of innocence, humor and charm that made their first games so memorable.

To make Thimbleweed Park a reality, the team wants to raise $375,000 to produce the game. Ron and Gary will be doing the bulk of programming and art, but funds will help pay for an addition programmer, artist and a musician added six months into the project and to add full-time testers near the game’s completion to iron out bugs and make sure it is ready for consumers. The reward tiers are also pretty hilarious, including a $25 backer spot that is the same as the $20 game tier, but includes the “absolution of guilt” from pirating games like Maniac Mansion or The Secrets of Monkey Island in the past. I guess handing over $5 extra now to help out a pair of developers you love is worthwhile, even if you don’t have any past transgressions you feel you need to atone for.

Over $87,500 has been donated to the Kickstarter as of writing and if you are a fan of classic adventure games, this seems like one not to miss out on. Thimbleweed Park is scheduled to launch on PC, Mac and Linux when completed during a projected 18 month development period for an August 2016 release. Let me know what you think of this brand new project by the guys who started a genre in the comments below.

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