Root Digital Gets a First-Look at PAX East 2020

Root Digital Gets a First-Look at PAX East 2020

Dire Wolf Digital announced Root Digital back at Gen Con, but at PAX East the team is finally ready to show the game off.

Dire Wolf Digital announced that they were working on a digital version of Leder Games’ Root board game way back at Gen Con 2019. Since then, the team has mostly been quiet; however, they’ve finally broken that silence and are giving everyone at PAX East a first-look. If you can’t be on the show floor, the team also has a great website with tons of information.

The analog version of Root is an incredible asymmetric game. Each player has their own set of actions and unique victory condition, meaning that everyone is both playing the same game and completely different games at the same time. With up to six players in on the fun, Root can often be a bear to teach new players. If you’re the only one who has played before, expect to answer countless questions for the first game or two.

That is one of the factors that makes Root Digital so potentially exciting. By making the game digital, you can have a computer tutorial to teach each player. You can also have helpful hints to give new players a chance. This allows everyone to have fun from the jump, something I found to not always be the case in analog Root. I don’t think the digital version will completely replace the original; however, it does provide a good alternative that fills a real need.

Root Digital isn’t the only great board game at PAX East this year. Obviously, the big one is Frosthaven, but PAX has definitely opened its doors to the analog world over the years. If you’re at the show, be sure to look around for some hidden gems. We have multiple people on the floor, so expect tons of PAX East news over the next week or so.

Root Digital is coming to Android, iOS, and PC.