Root Letter: Last Answer Gets a New Story Trailer Introducing Heroine Aya Fumino

Root Letter: Last Answer Gets a New Story Trailer Introducing Heroine Aya Fumino

Kadokawa Games released a new story trailer for Root Letter: Last Answer, introducing Aya Fumino and the mystery surrounding her.

Today, Kadokawa Games published a new story trailer for its mystery visual novel and investigation game Root Letter: Last Answer. The game is a remake of the original Root Letter, and includes many new additions, one of which is a “drama” mode where all characters are played by actual actors and actresses.

The trailer is narrated by Aya Fumino, the high school girl from Shimane whose sudden disappearance 15 years is at the center of the game’s mystery. She introduces herself and her seven “friends”, classmates she all calls using nicknames, some of which are pretty derogatory. We’ve got “Four Eyes”, “Monkey” or “Bitch”.

The player controls Aya’s old penpal Takayuki Nakamura, nicknamed “Max”(voiced by Kouichi Yamadera), and must find the truth behind her disappearance. By meeting her old classmates, he learns that Aya’s real name was, in fact, Shiori Yoshioka. Shiori is voiced by Yuuka Minaguchi, and in “Drama Mode”, she’s played by actress Aya Yoshizaki.

As a side note, this might get a bit confusing, but in the series of mystery games Kadokawa Games is planning to do which includes Root Letter: Last Answer, there’s a virtual actress called “Shiori” who supposedly plays the Shiori in Root Letter, and will play other characters in future games. Basically, it means that Shiori’s character design will be present in other games.

The song in the trailer is called “Departure” and is sung by Rico Sasaki.

The game has an all-star cast of voice actors and actresses, and character designs by Taro Minoboshi aka Minotaro, so I’ve always wanted to try it. The “drama” mode is quite appealing too, and may contribute to the game’s immersing feeling, as if you’re really visiting Shimane.

Kadokawa Games also announced a Root Letter 2 but hasn’t shared any information on it yet. I think one of the new endings in Last Answer will probably serve as a sequel hook.

The new story trailer can be found below.

You can also check the first trailer for the game here. The game also has costume designs by famous fashion designer Junko Koshino.

Root Letter: Last Answer releases in Japan for Switch, PS4 and Vita on December 20th.