Root Letter: Last Answer Is Coming West on Switch and PS4 in 2019

Root Letter: Last Answer Is Coming West on Switch and PS4 in 2019

PQube is localizing Root Letter's enhanced version, but the PS Vita version won't be making it.

PQube announced it will bring Root Letter: Last Answer west in 2019. The game will launch on PS4 and Switch. An announcement trailer was revealed as well and can be found below. The PS Vita version of the game won’t be making it.

Root Letter: Last Answer is an enhanced version of Root Letter. The original first released on PS Vita and PS4 in 2016, and on PC in 2017. Root Letter: Last Answer launched in December 2018 in Japan, with new scenarios and endings, along with a “Drama Mode” where all characters are replaced by photos of real actors. Last Answer also adds voiceovers by Koichi Yamadera for the protagonist, and the drama mode has costumes by Junko Koshino. We’ve detailed Root Letter Last Answer‘s story in a previous article covering the Japanese story trailer.

Root Letter 2 was already announced by Kadokawa Games in 2018, but no new details have surfaced since. One thing for sure though is that a character which looks just like Shiori from Root Letter will also appear in the next game. “Shiori” is actually a virtual actress made by Kadokawa Games, set to appear in future mystery games part of the series started by Root Letter.

Root Letter also has a Hollywood movie adaptation in the works.