Roots of Pacha is A Stone Age Stardew and It Sounds Amazing


June 9, 2022

Since its release, it could be argued that Stardew Valley has become the most popular indie title of all time.

Millions of players worldwide have been drawn to the game’s addictive, near-perfect gameplay loop, compelling story, and charming characters.

While some games have tried to capitalize on the success of Stardew Valley with similar titles, none have come close, however, that could all change with Roots of Pacha which we got a deep dive into during the tenth-anniversary Day of the Devs Livestream.

In the deep dive, developers Soda Den share that the game is inspired by the likes of Harvest Moon, which they spent hours playing when they were younger and that’s clear to see.


The title, like the aforementioned Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, sees players take control of a farm, however, Roots of Pacha offers a really unique twist on the formula.

The game is set in the Stone Age before traditional tools and concepts were developed and it’s your job as you create your village to discover the ideas that helped shape humanity as we know it. This includes creating tools, herding animals, and domesticating crops.

Roots of Pacha will offer the player plenty of freedom and customization as they can shape their village and character how they want, as well as have the ability to invite people into their community. You’ll then be able to build relationships with these villagers in order for you to help you throughout the game. Although the game is set in simpler times, these characters will still be complex and require you to work closely with them to build your relationships.

Alongside this, the game is packed with different minigames and a gripping story that sees you discovering the spiritual world.

Roots of Pacha, which also contains multiplayer components, will be available to purchase on Steam later this year. If you’re excited, you can wishlist the game on the platform right now.

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