Rosewater Is a Western Set in the Lamplight City Universe

The creator of Lamplight City is working on a new adventure game called Rosewater.

March 16, 2020

Grundislav Games is working on a wild west-themed game that looks similar to games of old. Rosewater, published by Application Systems Heidelberg, looks to introduce players to a point and click world set with the task to find fortune. The game’s being worked on by Francisco Gonzalez, known for Lamplight City, and one of the developers of Shardlight.

Set in the world of Lamplight City, Harley Leger once traveled west in hopes of making it as a freelance writer. She ends up in Rosewater where her assignment finds her and her posse hunting for a man’s fortune. As the gang travel across Western Vespuccia, they wind up fighting bandits, rebels, and other obstacles that make completing the assignment troublesome.


Rosewater will see players on a journey with 5 different travel companions who can affect the story depending on how you treat and interact with them. The game also features inventory-based puzzles and is said to have more than one solution for some of them.

As you can see in the video above, the animations are fully rotoscoped and has a maximum high-quality resolution of 720p. There are over 50 professionally voiced characters who are all set against the musical score from Mark Benis.

Rosewater is slated to launch in 2021 for PC, Mac and Linux.

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