Royland Goff In Peacemaker Explained

Royland Goff a.k.a Papa Bear explained.

February 3, 2022

Spoiler Alert: This post contains spoilers from the Peacemaker series.

In the Peacemaker series, Royland Goff’s has made its appearance a few times. In fact, the third episode of the series was titled on his name, “Better Goff Dead.” So let’s find out everything we know about the character.

Keeping all the jokes and sarcasm from the series aside, Peacemaker is getting really intense now. The little Butterflies, which didn’t seem like a big problem before, are creating a mess now by taking over humans. Most importantly, these creatures look like humans, behave like humans, and replicate the human personality they take over.


What’s more worrisome is that they are even part of high posts in the U.S government. Royland Goff is a perfect example of a Butterfly disguised as a human and part of the U.S government.

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Royland Goff In Peacemaker

The anonymous character Royland Goff is a U.S senator. After being revealed as a Butterfly, he became a crucial target of Task Force X. In the third episode of Peacemaker, Task Force X saw him eating food with his long alien tongue. Besides Goff, his wife, son, and daughter were also revealed as Butterflies.

Vigilante kills Mama Bear (wife), Billy Bear (son), and Susie Bear by shooting them in the head. However, Royland Goff, a.k.a Papa Bear, is saved at the last moment by his bodyguard Judomaster. Vigilante and Peacemaker are captured alive by Judomaster and Goff, but they somehow manage to kill Goff in the end.

After Adebayo finds out that Murn is also a Butterfly, he explains to Adebayo that the Butterfly who took over Goff’s body is their leader. And she wants to take over the earth as their own planet is dying. He says that taking over the world was not their initial plan. They wanted to live here like humans, but then Goff came up with a plan to dominate the earth.

Back at Peacemaker’s place, where he has kept the Goff’s Butterfly alive, he and Vigilante try to communicate with her. But after the police invade their place, Vigilante accidentally breaks the Butterfly jar, and she takes over Sophie Song’s body. Finally, Goff’s Butterfly summons all her minions, and they take over several people, including the entire police department.

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