RPG Dark Devotion Launches onto Steam Greenlight with Debut Trailer

RPG Dark Devotion Launches onto Steam Greenlight with Debut Trailer

Yesterday, developer Hibernian Workshop announced that its metroidvania, RPG game Dark Devotion launched onto Steam Greenlight alongside the game’s debut trailer.

Currently only in development for PC, Dark Devotion is an action RPG game where you’re trapped in a dark, gloomy, and eerie temple that will require you to channel your inner strength, courage, and devotion to survive its many dangers as you try to unravel the temple and game’s darkest revelations.

Here’s a full story overview:

As far as we can remember, brainwashed since our birth, our only goal has always been the temple.
It is a place of darkness and despair where nobody did ever come back. Our God commands us to overcome this shrine to show our devotion.

Inquisition is reigning, and everyone against them are brought to the temple.
Children have been taken away from their parents and educated to become templars. They are warriors, trained to kill and succesfully lead their crusade with devotion as their only weapon.

Templars usually go to fight in teams, except for one girl. Facing dangers and atrocities, she can only count on her own faith to get out of this place alive. You are that woman, that hero.

Beyond the many strategic and timing based bloody fights, Darkest Devotion is half an RPG at its core: you can loot throughout the game for various weapons, armors, and relics that all boast their own stats that will allow you to shape and build your own unique character.

At the half of its other core is a metroidvania game. Containing a “very large map,” Dark Devotion is said to bring you through different paths and have new secrets to discover each game. As for the story, it will be experienced through multiple different NPCs, and texts of past journeymen who got lost and perished in the temple.

The game also does contain a unique mechanic or two: every time you kill an enemy your amount of “devotion” will increase, which as you go through the game will be necessary to open doors and chests.

As for the temple (the setting), it can be a place of virtue for those who deserve it, but also a place of despair and sickness for those undeserving. Simple damages can become much worse over time if you delay the healing of them, and poorly maintained equipment can cause you “much more trouble than you think.” Depending on your situation and location, you can also attract different types of diseases that will have a variety of effects.

We also know a little bit about the game’s UI, which is relatively simple and streamlined. On the left of the screen you will have four slots for items. On the right you have your bar of faith, as well as the bonuses that you will acquire via certain equipment, altars, and other items. In the middle of the screen, your life points and armor points will be displayed. Here there is also an endurance system, which is influenced by not only your actions but the equipment you’re using.

Hibernian Workshop is a team of three located in France, and they have been working on Darkest Devotion for almost a year, however, most of this time was spent doing research and defining the game’s design, storyline, and mechanics.

A final release for PC is expected sometime in early 2018. Below you can check out the new trailer, as well the game’s first screenshots: