RTA in Japan Summer 2021 - Don't Miss The Finale of the Biggest Speedrun Event in Japan

Don't forget RTA in Japan 2021 is happening right now

By Iyane Agossah

August 14, 2021

RTA in Japan is the biggest speedrun event in Japan, happening twice a year just like Games Done Quick (GDQ), its direct inspiration. And RTA in Japan Summer 2021 is happening right now.

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Character Demo – “Yoimiya: Dazzling Lights in the Summer” | Genshin Impact

Character Demo – “Yoimiya: Dazzling Lights in the Summer” | Genshin Impact

RTA in Japan explained

RTA stands for Real Time Attack, which is the term used to say speedrun by most in Japan. It’s yet another situation where the terms we assume are universal actually aren’t, and are called a different thing in Japan. A good example would be “Simulation RPG” which is used in Japan to nominate all Tactical RPG and Strategy RPG like Fire Emblem, Super Robot Wars, Langrisser or Tactics Ogre.

The main appeal of RTA in Japan is that the game lineup is much less classical than what you can find on Games Done Quick. I wouldn’t go as far as say you always see the same games in GDQ, but there are definitely tons of runs on RTA in Japan that you’d never see there.

Moreover, this is a Japanese event, meaning you get to see many games which were never localized, such as Racing Lagoon last year, which started a whole new meme in Japan as people rediscovered its atypical dialogue full of ellipses and random English words. August 14 afternoon JST also had a Tokimeki Memorial PSP Shiori run, which made the game trend on Twitter. Death Crimson, the legendary kusoge by Ecole (Melty Blood) was trending after its run too. Overall, each iconic game that shows up on RTA in Japan ends up trending on Twitter.

You can find the schedule of RTA in Japan here. The first columns are the run’s scheduled time and the game’s names in Japanese, so just put that through google translate. The times will be automatically converted to your time zone. You can watch the stream on Twitch. There’s no English commentary or restream, but it’s still interesting even if you don’t know the language. I’d definitely do an English or French restream myself if I had the time. RTA in Japan Summer 2021 will end on Sunday August 15, at around 6 AM EST.

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