RTS Game Tooth and Tail Gets New Trailer Detailing its Story Mode

RTS Game Tooth and Tail Gets New Trailer Detailing its Story Mode

Upcoming PS4, PC, Mac, and Linux real-time strategy game, Tooth and Tail, gets a new trailer detailing the game's story mode.

Today, developer Pocketwatch games — who you may recognize from Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine — released a new trailer/video that sets the stage for the story mode of its upcoming real-time strategy game: Tooth and Tail.

Tooth and Tail is set in a world in the middle of animal revolution. In it, the Civilized, the Longcoats, the KSR, and the Commonfolk are at at war over which animals will be eaten by the others amidst this revolution where multiple crop failures has led to animal civil war.

Waging war with customizable factions and units like flamthrowing boars and mustard-gas skunks across randomly generated maps, you will play up to four different campaigns (one for every faction), each with its own storyline and unique narrative.

As for its RTS gameplay, it has been streamlined to only a few buttons and matches take only roughly eight minutes each, enabling not only hardcore RTS fans to jump in, but even noobies to the genre.

Tooth and Tail notably features both online play, and local split-screen play of up to four players. It is in development for PS4, PC, Mac, and Linux, and is scheduled to hit September 12th.

Below, you can check out the new, aforementioned story trailer: