RUINER's Final Free Update Brings Mode and Leaderboards, PC Parity for Consoles

Developer Reikon Games' RUINER just got a content update, adding new modes and leaderboards -- and much more for console owners.

February 22, 2018

There is nothing better to nudge a backlog or incentivize a return to a game than a substantial free update. This week, the game to look at is developer Reikon Games’ RUINER — the neon-laden cyberpunk action shooter — which is unveiling the Annihilation Update across all versions of the game.

To bring people up to speed, RUINER remains one of the most stylish indie games that came out of 2017. Launching in September of last year, the cyberpunk story was everything genre fans hoped; set in the year 2091, a souped-up gunner looks to rally against the established order in a Taken-like rescue of family. While DualShockers offered a middling review of RUINER, we  found the story and the style hard to ignore.


With that said, one of our main issues with the game have been addressed over time — limited gameplay. This Annhilation Update, for instance, adds a brand new Arena Mode along with online leaderboards to help diversify gameplay options. On top of that, those returning to the game can expect new finishing moves, outfits, and more general “gameplay updates” — hopefully curbing some late-stage difficulty.

Even better, the update promises to bring parity between the PC and console versions of the game. In late November 2017, the PC version received the Savage Update that added a New Game+ Mode, a Speedrun Mode, and new weapons, moves, and outfits. This update will be patched in alongside the Annihilation Update for PS4 and Xbox One, seeing as they never originally got it.

As mentioned above, RUINER is available right now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One; the Annihilation Update for all consoles is available as a free update. Check out the brand new trailer below that showcases some of the many changes to the cyberpunk title — as well as the current promotion where the game is available for 50% off:

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