Rumor: Ace Combat 7 Might Be Announced With a Trailer at PlayStation Experience

Rumor: Ace Combat 7 Might Be Announced With a Trailer at PlayStation Experience

A while ago, Ace Combat Producer Kazutoki Kono mentioned in an interview that a current generation Ace Combat game was being considered, and we might finally see the results at PlayStation Experience.

Some eagle-eyed Japanese fans datamined the files of the latest update of Ace Combat Infinity and discovered references to a very interesting event, posting them on the message board of the Japanese wiki of the game.

“ACE COMBAT INFINITY エースコンバット7のエンブレムをゲットせよ! Obtain some ACE COMBAT 7 emblems! Obtenez des emblèmes de ACE COMBAT 7 ! Ottieni degli emblemi di ACE COMBAT 7! Holen Sie sich “ACE COMBAT 7″-Embleme! ¡Conseguid emblemas de ACE COMBAT 7! Получите эмблемы ACE COMBAT 7!

パイロット各位 「エースコンバット インフィニティ」をプレイいただきありがとうございます。


トレーラー動画も配信しておりますので、 ”エースコンバット7”あるいは”PlayStationExperience2015”を検索してご覧ください 新作発表を記念して、エースコンバット7のエンブレムがゲットできるスペシャルチャレンジが発生中です”

After the repeated message in several languages and the usual thanks for playing Ace Combat Infinity, the code mentions that Ace Combat 7 has been announced at PlayStation Experience 2015 (of course this is supposed to appear after the announcement) and a trailer has also been showcased at the event. In order to celebrate the announcement of the new game, a challenge to acquire Ace Combat 7 emblems is undergoing.

While this is certainly promising, we should of course take this with the customary grain of salt. I would absolutely love to see the return of Ace Combat as a single player game, and even more so one set in the old and beloved fictional universe. We’ll have to wait and see if my dreams will come true on December 4th.

[Thanks for the tip: Masaru Aoyama]