Rumor: Aliens: Colonial Marine Special Edition Contents Leaked?

on January 9, 2012 3:00 PM

An image has surfaced on Gamekyo of what appears to be the Special Edition for Aliens: Colonial Marine from SEGA. No official word has been given so we’re filing this as a rumor for now but I must admit it looks pretty legit. The Power Loader is always a fan favorite, and as Destructoid’s Jim Sterling points out the model numbers match up for the flamethrower (though the model number on the M577 A2 Smart Gun is actually for the APC in the movies, possibly indicating it’s a mounted weapon modified for infantry use).

The image indicates that in addition to the Power Loader fighting an Alien (totally rad), the Special Edition will include the M240 Flamethrower, M577 A2 Smart Gun, M414 Pulse Rifle Upgrade, a USCM Dossier and the “USCM Firing Range” game mode.

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