Rumor: Alpha Protocol Delayed – Maybe Until 2010

on September 28, 2009 10:55 AM

I have some pretty bad news for the folks who’ve been itching for a taste of Sega’s espionage RPG Alpha Protocol. Apparently, the game is undergoing a delay in which the exact time frame has yet to be disclosed. Last time we heard, Alpha Protocol was supposed to be released next week, October 6th – a release date that seemed unlikely for quite a bit as a bunch of retailers have since pushed the game’s release date to late October. The craziest crap of all, though, is that retailers such as GameStop have changed the release date to June 1, 2010, and Amazon Canada t0 simply “2010.” The North American division of Amazon has yet to make any changes, but we’re expecting to see them soon.

Obsidian Entertainment, the developers of the game, is forwarding any and all requests for comment to Sega which, as everyone knows with past Sega “commenting”, means that they aren’t going to utter a sound. Complete silence is their motto when it comes to things like this. In the event that Sega decides to break their biblical rule of silence, we’ll make sure that you’re all updated with what the frak is really going on here. Next year? Talk about a cock-tease. Sheesh.

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