Rumor: Anarchy Reigns to Launch at Budget Price

on June 25, 2012 7:30 PM

This is certainly one of the more odd rumors I’ve heard in a while. Sega and Platinum Games’ Anarchy Reigns won’t hit North American store shelves until early next year but some retailers are already listing prices for it. What’s more is, the price tags are a lot smaller than you’d expect from a brand new HD console retail title. Retailers GameStop, Future Shop and have all priced the game at just $30.

Since the time of this writing all of these listings have been removed, but someone was savvy enough to capture a screenshot of some of the prices. If this price point is legit, then I have to assume that it will be beneficial to the game since more players will be able to afford it. On the other hand, it kind of makes you think Sega doesn’t exactly have high expectations of Platinum’s baby.

Either way, smack this one with the rumor label for now.

Rumor: Anarchy Reigns to Launch at Budget Price

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