Rumor: Arkham City Follow-Up to Star the Justice League?

on July 11, 2012 12:30 PM

If there’s one character DC knows how to treat right it’s Batman. Throughout the years he’s always gotten the star treatment and even taking the worst of the last era of movies into consideration has always put out a high quality product. They’re not content with letting him hog the spotlight though and have been making efforts to create some quality projects for their other heroes though whether it’s the Wonder Woman TV show that died before it got a chance to air or the less than stellar Green Lantern movie, things always seem to fall a little flat for the other heroes.

It looks like they’re taking steps to change that however as rumors are swirling that the follow-up to Arkham City¬†will follow in the footsteps of the latest LEGO Batman¬†game and feature the Justice League in some capacity! Variety is reporting that the next game will go back to Batman’s first encounter with the Joker and will be themed around the silver age of comics.

With this and the upcoming fighting game Injustice, could Warner Bros and DC be attempting to gain some more mainstream demand for their fellow heroes before attempting their own big screen team-up? Perhaps…unfortunate as it is the mirror to the opening line is true: if there’s one DC character people know, it’s Batman. Maybe he can bring his friends along with him for the ride though.

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