Rumor: Battlefield 3 “All-American” DLC Inbound?

on January 28, 2012 7:49 PM

And the rumors keep pouring in. This time by a fellow youtuber! The video blogger goes by the name of The AustrianToast who tells us that DICE plans to release an “All-American” DLC which will feature maps based on locations like “New York City, Miami, and San Francisco.”

It would be easy to dismiss the AustrianToast despite his quirky name, but if you look at the Back to Karkand DLC you begin to notice a relevant pattern here. Back to Karkand includes a series of maps all based in the Middle East. Wouldn’t it make sense for them to make a series of maps based in the United States? Seems plausible to me. His sources are a mystery, but he claims to have credible ones. He goes on to say that the expansion might even release this summer. DICE has been rather vocal about map packs, they prefer to call them “expansion packs” so it’s likely that this new DLC will include the whole shebang; vehicles, weapons, environmental interactivity, and unlockables.

This has got me really stoked, Back to Karkand was excellent and I can’t wait for the next DLC. DICE knows what we’re really waiting for though…snow maps! They were so much fun in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and it would look amazing using the new frostbite engine. Get it done DICE!

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