Rumor: Battlefield 6 Leaked Images - Trailer and Gameplay Screenshots


Battlefield 6 leaks have already arrived before the official announcement.

May 2, 2021

Some brand new screenshots are circulating on the internet with unofficial sources introducing them as the Battlefield 6 leaked images from the trailer and gameplay moments.

Battlefield 6 is one of the largest-scale projects in development in the Electronic Arts studios. Nearly two years and a half have passed since the launch of Battlefield 5 and the details on the next iteration in the franchise are yet to be revealed by the publisher.

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Recently, the heat around Battlefield 6 raised as Tom Henderson, a reputable Battlefield leaker, shared some key details on Battlefield 6, which then completed by admiration from the streamers who apparently had the chance to play the Battle Royale mode of the new Battlefield.


Battlefield 6 Leaked Images

Now, the leaked details from Battlefield 6 go one step further with two new screenshots that are claimed to be captured directly from the game’s trailers.

The first screenshot has been apparently taken from the game’s trailer, showing a bunch of military helicopters above an island. This shot had already been described and leaked by Tom Henderson.

The second one, however, goes even further by showing a scene of the gameplay from the cockpit view of one of those choppers probably. The HUD design show in the screenshot is pretty similar to that of Battlefield 3 and 4, which makes the leak more trustworthy.

That being said, we suggest you take the images above with a grain of salt until the official details come out. If the leaks above are true, then EA will probably try to announce the game earlier than expected to avoid more leaks.

Not to mention that similar leaks also happened for Battlefield V a few weeks ahead of its official announcement.

Battlefield 6 or Battlefield 2021 is supposed to be announced soon as revealed by Electronic Arts. If we take a look back at the announcement of Battlefield 1, the new iteration of the franchise should be announced officially sometime in May 2021, with more details probably coming in June 2021.

It’s yet to be seen which platforms will host the next Battlefield experience, but there are rumors that EA would likely skip the last-gen consoles to deliver the most realistic graphics ever in a first-person shooter game.

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