Rumor: Bayonetta 2 Cancelled

on April 30, 2012 9:30 PM

The idea that this rumor could have an ounce of merit is enough to ruin my sleep for days. Sources are reporting that work on the sequel to 2010’s magnificent, critically acclaimed action game Bayonetta has ceased. This sequel allegedly starred a new main character, who would have been a member of the US military. Sega has declined to comment on these allegations.

In my opinion, fans should probably ignore this rumor. Developer Platinum Games made it clear in 2010 that a sequel to Bayonetta was not out of the question.

It wouldn’t be untrue to say that Bayonetta was actually one of Sega’s more successful games, if only from a critical perspective. That said, the publisher announced a wave of layoffs and cancellations early this month. Bayonetta 2 may very well have gotten sent to the chopping block, but I find the idea on the whole simply too despicable to consider. Besides, there is really no way for us to know – especially if it’s true, in which case we may never find out.

Hopefully Sega or Platinum Games will come forth soon and shed some clarity on the matter.


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