Rumor: Call of Duty 7 Out This Fall

When I pitched the idea that the Call of Duty franchise should move in another direction (*cough* Vietnam *cough*), I was called all sorts of names. From a left-over sperm to a pillow biter, I was instantly insulted by anyone and everyone who followed the series from its regurgitating and tired World War II setting to Infinity Ward’s more “modern” approach. This time around, thanks to me, the series will yet again be taking another turn into the world of grotesque bloody battles as Treyarch ventures into the Vietnam war for the next installment of Call of Duty, according to rumors.

According to CVG, the next Call of Duty game, set in the hell-hole that was Vietnam, will be arriving at retailers this November, just as every iteration of the series has been released the past couple of years.

Even though Treyarch’s Noah Heller explicitly said that Treyarch would no longer be working on World War II-based Call of Duty games, you should all probably take this with a grain of salt. Although the idea of torching Vietnam rice farmers and bombing random huts and lush jungles might be appealing to some, the subject of that era alone is going to be… well, touchy. It isn’t one of our greatest accomplishments, but, then again, we should also show how we got our asses kicked. It’s only fair since we’ve been constantly shooting Germans, Japanese and Middle Eastern folks in the face for the past decade or so.

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