Rumor: Darkseid Might be Coming to Injustice 2 as a Pre-order Bonus

Rumor: Darkseid Might be Coming to Injustice 2 as a Pre-order Bonus

A thread on NeoGAF recently popped up with a (supposed) screenshot for a digital preorder ad for Injustice 2. The picture itself is pretty dull with it taken on a bit of an angle and Superman brooding in the shadows. However, the most interesting piece to this ad is the inclusion of the line ‘Pre-order Injustice™ 2 to play as Darkseid, one of the greatest villains in the universe. Available at launch.’

Injustice 2 Darkseid ad

The low quality of the screenshot and the mundane aspect of the ad give this rumor a little more credence over other leaks. There’s also a precedence here as the same deal happened with Goro when Mortal Kombat X released two years ago. If NetherRealm follows tradition here, Darkseid could be taking a backseat to the story mode in Injustice 2 . Unfortunately, the 4 armed kombatant was not seen at all in MKX‘s cinematic adventure.

Darkseid also made a playable appearance in the mobile version of the original Injustice so they have a model to work from. I have mixed feelings about this leak as I think the Lord of Apokolips would be a great addition to the roster but it would be disappointing if he was passed up in the lore. With a cinematic trailer being teased for January 17th, we might have an answer to this question soon.

And hey, maybe the Injustice 2 Pre-order Theme will prove to be true as well! I mean, that’s what everyone thought of when they saw that ad, right?