Rumor: Does Sony’s Deal With Gaikai Involve Previous Generation PlayStation Games?

on June 1, 2012 2:00 PM

We’ve been hearing some rumblings that Sony might be unveiling something that has to do with Cloud gaming with signs pointing towards a deal with Gaikai and until the Sony conference at E3 next week we won’t know for sure but GamesIndustry thinks the big announcement is going to announce the return of backwards compatibility, allowing current gen Sony hardware to play PlayStation One and PS2 games.

While there’s nothing official now and likely won’t be until the conference I think this is probably the most likely candidate and would serve as a great test for Sony to see how well cloud gaming works for them while giving the fans what they want. The only problem is that this isn’t really backwards compatibility but just an expanded library of downloadable games in a different format.

The best part about true backwards compatibility was that you could still play your old games, not just buy them again and have to be online to play them. I guess we’ll find out what’s going on for sure next week. If this service made it onto the PlayStation Vita however they might have something.

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