Rumor: Fire Emblem Fates to Get Two Versions in United States as Well

on July 4, 2015 12:40 PM

Two listings for separate Fire Emblem Fates products have been posted on Amazon. The subtitles are Conquest and Birthright, both listed with the placeholder date of December 31, 2016. We already knew that Japan would have two versions of Fire Emblem If (the Japanese title) prior to release, and at E3 2015, Nintendo announced that the latest entry would also come West as Fire Emblem Fates. There is no official word from Nintendo on if this is true, though the likelihood is strong.

The game will have two separate stories following the different factions at war in the game. In Japan the game is already out, with a bundle for both games or the option to purchase the version you don’t have as DLC. Whether or not that will come over to the West has yet to be confirmed. It appears the two versions of Fire Emblem Fates will differ much more from each other than the Pokemon series, which has traditionally always released two versions with minimal differences between the two.

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