Rumor: Internet Explorer 9 Being Developed for the Xbox 360

on May 11, 2012 9:14 AM

Full internet browsing on the Xbox 360 may become a reality in the near future. According to The Verge, rumor has it that a 360 version of Internet Explorer 9 is currently being tested over at Microsoft. This browser could potentially expand on the services provided by the Bing search engine, and provide a fully functional internet browser for the 360.

Kinect support for the browser is also rumored to be in the works. It is possible it may be similar to the methods in which players currently navigate the 360 dashboard while using Kinect. Sources reiterated that while the browser could support Kinect functionality, it will be optional – much like the aforementioned dashboard navigation.

Microsoft has yet to comment on this; however, with E3 around the corner, anything is possible.

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