Rumor: Is a PlayStation Vita Price Cut Imminent?

Rumor: Is a PlayStation Vita Price Cut Imminent?

Every so often I make my rounds at local video game stores to see what’s shaking at retail. Upon my most recent vist to Gamestop today, I inquired about the PlayStation Vita’s trade in value, as I remembered it being around $120 just a little over a month ago. To my surprise, the clerk informed me that the Wifi version of the Vita has gone down to $75 on a trade in. That’s a pretty steep drop in a short amount of time.

I called over to my local Bestbuy as well as a nearby Walmart that also participates in gaming trade-ins to investigate things further. While the Best Buy rep I spoke with on the phone was unable to confirm how recent the price change was made, the sales rep from Walmart confirmed that the price change on their end came into effect around mid-month.


Though this information should be taken with a grain of salt, usually larger retailers such as those listed above, have advanced word of price drops and can align their business accordingly. Trade in values are usually instantly affected and in most cases done ahead of any changes. Again, considering that Vita sales are somewhat stagnant at this point, the value dropping can be in response to how the device is performing at retail in general. However, with Gamescom right around the corner and the Vita having a lackluster showing at E3, a price drop might just be what the handheld needs to get some momentum on its side.

So, is a price cut imminent or is the drop in trade in value just another bad sign for Sony’s handheld? Let us know what you think in the comments!