Rumor: Is Poptropica Forgotten Islands Soaring Onto the 3DS?

on August 24, 2014 4:18 PM

According to a listing on Best Buy, the mobile game Poptropica Forgotten Islands is coming to 3DS on October 14th for $29.99.

Poptropica Forgotten Islands is set aboard a blimp that lets players explore the islands from the sky or take off on foot, running, jumping and steering clear of hazards, in order to experience the islands from an up-close and personal vantage point.

Players can also explore and collect artifacts and other items that grant them access to new areas and gameplay challenges, like quests and a host of mini games.

The game features personalized avatars with more than 100 unlockable costumes and accessories.

Check out the gallery below for screenshots and box art.


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