Rumor: Microsoft Believed to Announce Next Console at E3: 2012

Rumor: Microsoft Believed to Announce Next Console at E3: 2012

Although it is has been previously rumored that Microsoft and Sony had no plans of revealing their next consoles until 2014, it has been found out that this may not be the case. Corporate Vice President of Worldwide Retail Sales and Marketing of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business division Peter Moore recently revealed in an interview with Entertainment Gaming Monthly (EGM) that Microsoft was planning on releasing the console earlier than predicted.

In the interview, Moore stated that the team is currently working on the Xbox 720, the project title of their next gen system, and that they are looking into what kind of CPUs will be available on the market in 2011-2012.

Robbie Bach, President of Entertainment & Devices Division at Microsoft, agrees with this assessment:

“Our view is we will be selling Xbox 360 for a long time. We are always working on new technologies. We have people working on those. People ask me how many people I have working on the next generation. On the one hand, it’s everybody. On the other, it’s nobody. People are continuously working on new technology. We started thinking about the next generation before we shipped the Xbox 360. It doesn’t start with a date. It starts way upstream with silicon development. From that comes a series of data points. You start making early technology choices. It’s an evolving thing. Stuff doesn’t become concrete until you get inside a window of when you have to ship, more than 18 months or so out.”

Given that Nintendo just announced plans to release details about their new console at E3 2011, it’s likely that Microsoft needs to do this in order to stay relevant in an ever more-competitive market.

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