Rumor: Microsoft Planning November 8th Release Date for Xbox One (UPDATED – Nov 8th Release Now Unlikely)

Rumor: Microsoft Planning November 8th Release Date for Xbox One (UPDATED – Nov 8th Release Now Unlikely)

During all the commotion of Gamescom, Microsoft made many announcements and released plenty of new details about their upcoming launch line-up and gearing up to the release of the Xbox One. Of course, the only missing announcement from last week – the release date of the console itself. Instead, Sony beat Microsoft to the punch during Gamescom by announcing their November 15th release date for the PS4.

However, a new rumor from Kotaku may suggest that Microsoft was just waiting for Sony to make the first blow, as a leaked release schedule from a Kotaku source that works alongside Walmart may have uncovered a release date for the Xbox One, which suggests a November 8th release: one full week ahead of the PS4. Included in the initial report is an email that lists upcoming midnight launch schedules for some of the big new game releases such as Madden 25, Grand Theft Auto V, and in a little bit further down the list, you can find a listing for “XBox 1 Console,” and a midnight release scheduled for Friday, November 8, 2013.

However, there is no “Confirmed” tag next to the listing, which could lead to many possibilities of this being false, or just a placeholder date by Walmart for the console’s release before an official confirmation by Microsoft – take it with a grain of salt, but could we be seeing a November 8th release according to the Walmart schedule? An image of the release schedule mentioned is below, via Kotaku.

(UPDATE) After the initial report from Kotaku on the rumors of a November 8th release, the site updated with a new report mentioning that “a source close to Microsoft” says that the release date should be expected to be later in November.

So, while Microsoft has now debunked the November 8th release, it at least rules out an early November release – will Microsoft be bold enough to launch on November 15th right alongside the PS4 (Most likely, no – but it would be quite a shock!), or instead aim right for the Thanksgiving/Black Friday holiday weekend?

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to November.