Rumor: Microsoft Shakeup – J. Allard on His Way Out

Rumor: Microsoft Shakeup – J. Allard on His Way Out


You may not recognize him upon first glance, as the man has had a… change of hairstyle over the years to say the least. Calling J. Allard brilliant would be an understatement, as he is one of the visionaries that paved the way for the original Xbox and it’s successor the Xbox 360. Following the 360’s successful launch, the Microsoft executive would move onto the Zune and take on a new role at the company as the Chief Experience Officer (yes, that’s a real position) as well as Chief Technology Officer. Upon taking on the new roles he became the head of the Entertainment and Devices division at the Redmond Washington based corporation.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Allard is expected to “leave that role” as a part of “organizational changes” being made to the E&D division. The same devision in charge of Xbox, Zune, Windows Phone 7, as well as the now scrapped “Courier Project” tablet device. This comes as a serious blow after the division already suffered cuts over high costs of operation last year.

Some rumors are suggesting that Allard became upset after his “Courier Project” tablet was scrapped by Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft. And apparently, the executive was able to finally make good on his threats to leave after the project was canned. This is still a developing story that we will be watching closely, stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.