Rumor: MS Kinect Costs Big Bucks to Manufacture?

With everyone at the the edge of their seats (including myself) waiting for a price announcement that may make or break the MS Kinect’s reception by certain gamer demographics, the tensity is rising for what will likely be one of the bigger announcements all year. It was said by investment analyst Pachter that Microsoft is “struggling” to nail down a final asking price for the Kinect and when GameStop listed the peripheral at $149.99 the world shuttered for a moment. Now claims that a game publisher source has let loose the manufacturing cost of this bad boy. Turns out the source claims that Microsoft is going to be spending approximately $150 a piece to produce each Kinect system, meaning that they will have to sell it for at least that much to break even on each unit sold. The price consumers will pay is still unclear, however a $150 manufacturing cost (if true) would point to a likely similar end cost. Unless Microsoft wants to take a loss on each unit sold, get ready to fork out the big bucks for this!


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Jon Ireson

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