Rumor: Music (MP3?) File Playback Could Come Soon to PS4

Rumor: Music (MP3?) File Playback Could Come Soon to PS4

One of the most requested features for the PS4 is the ability to playback music files, in particular MP3, and today industry insider Tidux, that is well known for having leaked plenty details on the PS4’s UI and operating system before they were actually included, teased something definitely interesting on that front.

Sure sounds like a good update, but there’s more on the horizon.

Tidux then clarified that it was indeed a hint, and the “sounds” was bolded in the original line. As a follow-up he also posted:

MP4 sound about right.

But MP4 is mainly a video media format, yet the “about right” could definitely hint at MP3 instead. In fact another user asked if he meant “MP3 import,” and Tidus rerplied “export.”

There is a further element that seems to definitely solidify the hints about upcoming support of MP3 playback. In the trailer of SHAREFactory published today there’s a frame (that you can see below) that mentions the ability to add your original music to your videos. In order to do that the PS4 needs to be able to read and playback media files, and MP3 is definitely the most common format for this kind of feature.

To top everything off, Tidux also mentioned that we might hear further info on the 1.7 update next week.

Of course we should consider this just a rumor until Sony makes an official announcement, but the outlook is quite positive.