Rumor: New Modes Coming to Titanfall

Rumor: New Modes Coming to Titanfall

Capture the Titan? Color me intrigued.  A clever fan has claimed to have extrapolated some details about some upcoming modes coming Titanfall by diving deep into it’s latest update.

Its seems like we may have some additions to the Marked for Death and Wingman Last Titan Standing modes that came with Update Four. Neogaf user RazorUK has said to have pulled this info from the data files from the latest update.

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While Big Brother and Capture the Titan seem to be pretty self explanatory (since there’s a description right there) the idea of playing Tag in giant mechs seems like my sorta silly. I can only guess that Bodyguard may involved trying to escort a player or NPC from point A to B without having them killed. Only time will if there is any validity to these rumors.

How’s the idea Titan Tag sound to you?